Becoming a REALTOR®

A career in real estate can open the door to many opportunities. Today’s fast-paced market offers REALTORS® a challenging career opportunity. Hardwork, diligence and perseverance are a must to be successful. Building a career in real estate, as with most professions requires a lot of hard work. But with commitment, there is potential for great personal and financial rewards. However, a new REALTOR® should not expect immediate results. Real estate is as much about relationship building as it is about selling. Those who have achieved great success in the real estate industry have not only strong knowledge of the industry, but also always staying one step ahead through networking and through continued education. The real estate profession is one where learning is ongoing.

This guide was designed to provide you with information that will point you in the right direction as you consider a career in real estate. It offers detailed information on what it takes to succeed in real estate and provides the steps one must take to receive a license to trade in real estate in Nova Scotia.


Become a REALTOR®

Requirements to trade in real estate in Nova Scotia:

  • 19 years of age
  • High school diploma or equivalency (provided to NSREC at time of licensing)
  • Able to legally work in Canada
  • Complete Salesperson Licensing Course
  • Pass the real estate exam with a minimum of 70 per cent
  • Provide a Criminal Record Check acceptable to the NS Real Estate Commission
  • Good Character
  • English Language Proficiency

Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students must supply payment in order to complete registration.
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Provincial Real Estate Exam - Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission

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Education and Licensing
Salesperson Licensing Course

The SLC course curriculum is designed to prepare individuals to enter the real estate profession with an acceptable level of technical knowledge, competence and skill.

Individuals in the program will engage in multi-faceted and practical course content, including required readings and related activities designed to immediately apply and reinforce their understanding of the written content. Participants will further activate their own learning by engaging in self-guided "Treasure Hunt" activities, which give them practical application of what they learn in each course section by engaging directly with industry professionals. 

Students who fully participate in the course will gain knowledge of up-to-the-minute real estate practices, will be able to reinforce this new knowledge through related activities built right into the course, and will have the opportunity to hit the ground running on invaluable networking opportunities through the self-guided industry-specific activities. The combination of the theoretical readings, the practical application of the readings and the industry-specific engagement opportunities gives students a well-rounded foundation necessary for any successful real estate practice.

Completing the course curriculum and activities will prepare you for the provincial licensing exam.  It will also help you develop a framework for real estate learning that may help you find success in your career

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Salespersons Licensing Course Outline

Unit 1         The Real Estate Profession                       Unit 6         Property Valuation

Unit 2         The Real Estate Market                              Unit 7         Construction & New Houses

Unit 3         Legislation                                                  Unit 8         Professional Conduct

Unit 4         Agency & Contract Law                             Unit 9         Representing Buyers & Sellers

Unit 5         Mortgages & Financial Calculations        Unit 10       Drafting Agreements



Total Online Course Cost: $3,155.60

There is no classroom option available at this time.
New classroom schedule will be posted in late Spring 2024.

Salesperson Licensing Course

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