How We Are Making A Difference

Working Together to Help Nova Scotian's Find a Home


Representing more than 2,000 REALTORS®, we are the voice of real estate in Nova Scotia.
As the professional association for REALTORS®, we work in partnership with government
and partners to create housing solutions across the housing spectrum to ensure
every Nova Scotian has a home.




As sector experts, we draw on our specialized knowledge of real estate to advocate for initiatives in collaboration with government and industry partners - finding solutions to Nova Scotia's housing challenges grounded in data and local expertise.

The impact of our housing sector is significant. In 2021, Nova Scotia home sales drove $660.9 million in spin-off spending, with an additional $192 million generated from federal, provincial, and municipal taxes. We work to leverage this economic power into solutions that benefit all Nova Scotians.

Since 2017, the NSAR has advocated on behalf of first-time homebuyers for the expansion of the Down Payment Assistance Program (DPAP), helping over 860 families buy homes in Nova Scotia. In 2022, an additional 140 families purchased homes in the province as a result of our work.



Affordable Housing Report


Part of strengthening our housing market means working to ensure every Nova Scotian has a place to call home. As prices have grown in recent years, more and more Nova Scotians have struggled to afford housing and other basic needs. Without income-accessible housing, our communities suffer.

Working together with municipal governments, the NSAR held a series of conversations on the challenges these communities are facing. With input from provincial government officials and stakeholders, the NSAR published its Affordable Housing Report in 2021 for submission to Nova Scotia's Affordable Housing Commission. The report details what we heard across the province, and steps to creating a housing sector that meets the needs of every Nova Scotian.



Partner Update

As the voice of real estate in Nova Scotia, we work to ensure that our members and stakeholder partners are kept up to date on our activities and of important developments in the housing sector, as well as the services, education, information, tools and representation we provide.

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Advocacy & Partnerships

We are the professional Association for REALTORS® in Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia Association of REALTORS® (NSAR) represents over 1,900 real estate brokers and salespeople across the province. 

NSAR, the voice of real estate in Nova Scotia. Empowering REALTORS® by providing leading edge tools, outstanding services, and active advocacy while staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving real estate industry. 

NSAR, supporting REALTORS® as the first choice of consumers while staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving real estate industry. 
Consumers respect and value REALTORS® as their professional real estate partners. 

In addition, we focus on celebrating and supporting REALTORS® from various backgrounds and are committed to supporting an environment free of homophobia, queer phobia, racism, xenophobia and ableism.
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