Six things you need to know to prepare your house for sale

1.    Find a REALTOR®
REALTORS® are familiar with your market, home appraisals, contracts, and negotiations. They can provide you with helpful tips and based on their expert knowledge and previous experiences. REALTORS® can tell you what works and what does not when selling your home. Your REALTOR® is dedicated to ensuring your sale will be as smooth a transaction as possible.

2.    Give your home a deep clean
Floors, carpets, and windows should get a deep clean before your home is on the market. Make sure to clean baseboards and corners to ensure they are free of dust and dirt particles. Any scuff marks on walls and doors can be easily removed with some magic erasers, which will save you from having to repaint everything. Bathrooms can get dirty quickly, it is important that everything including tile grout is sparkling. Bathroom floors, toilets, sinks and tubs should all get scrubbed before anyone comes to your home.

3.    Focus on your kitchen
The kitchen can be a make or break for a potential home buyer looking at your home. Be sure to make your kitchen a priority when decluttering, cleaning or doing repairs. Remove items on the counters such as blenders, toasters, and coffee machines to keep the area as clear as possible – making it look spacious. The more space that the potential home buyer can see, the better they can visualize how they would like to use the space. Be sure to clean the inside and outside of cupboards and keep them uncluttered. You want the potential buyer to see that there is ample space in your kitchen.

4.    Change light bulbs
Ensure that all light bulbs are changed and the same colour or wattage for each room. During a viewing all light fixtures and lamps will need to remain on. It is important to make sure they are all in good working order with a few backups just in case.  

5.    Depersonalize your home
Not only for privacy reasons but to create a balance between creating warmth and visual appeal,  you will want to put away family photos, diplomas, awards, and toys. This will also give you a head start on packing. There will be a wide variety of people who will consider your home and removing personal items will help you from turning off a potential buyer.

6.    Stage your home
It has been proven that staging your home can speed up the selling process. The number one step in staging your home is decluttering every room. This means taking your own personal style out of your home and researching what current buyers are looking for. This doesn’t mean over-doing your home with excessive flower décor.  You want each space in your home to be a blank slate for potential buyers to visualize how they would live in that space.  Buyers can get distracted if things are absurd or over the top. Keep it simple.

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