STATEMENT- May 5, 2022

Nova Scotia Association of REALTORS® pleased with Premier Houston’s announcement to remove Non-Resident Property Tax

The Nova Scotia Association of REALTORS® (NSAR) is pleased with today’s announcement from Premier Houston to remove the Non-Resident Property Tax. While the Deed Transfer Tax will remain, today’s announcement is a positive step.

NSAR, along with others, has been advocating against these taxes since they were introduced in the provincial election platform, sharing our concerns that the increased taxes would not free up meaningful housing supply or have a significant impact on affordability. We believe these taxes would, however, have unintended and negative consequences on our economy.

We will continue to be the voice of real estate in Nova Scotia and work with all levels of government to ensure all Nova Scotians have a place to call home.

Contact: Tanya White, Communications Director
(902) 468-2515