Are you moving this summer? What you need to know to jumpstart the process.

Moving is an exciting time and with a few quick tips it can be made easy. The key is to make a moving to do list.

Here are a few tricks to keep you on schedule and organized during the process:

1)    Pack an overnight bag
After a full day of moving you will be exhausted, pack yourself an overnight bag with your essentials. Pack your toiletries, a pair of pajamas and an outfit for the next day. This will make your first night comfortable before you start unpacking. If you have the chance, put some shower essentials and toilet paper in the bathroom of your new home before moving day.

2)    Colour coordinate your boxes
Pick a colour for each of the rooms in your house. Place a piece of coloured tape on each box to identify which room it belongs in. This will help the movers and yourself. Remember to mark the boxes both on the top and side incase an area of the box gets covered. To further speed up the unpacking process it’s helpful to identify what is in each box on a label.

3)    Pack dishes vertically
There’s nothing worse than opening a box and finding your belongings broken. To prevent this from happening you should stack your dishes vertically. A tip for other breakable items is to wrap them in pieces of your clothing, or to stuff your socks around or between them.

4)    Take a photo of your electronic cords
Before you pack up your electronics take a picture of how the cords are plugged in. This will save you the time reassembling them in your new home.

5)    Donate, sell, or give to a friend!
Lighten your load; there is no point in moving items you no longer need. De-clutter!! Go through your furniture, clothing, and kitchen cabinets.

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