Ten tips for hosting a stress-free potluck

NSAR is proud to support Nova Scotia’s Biggest Potluck in support of FEED NOVA SCOTIA on October 22, 2016!

Members are invited to register their potluck under the NSAR Brand at www.nspotluck.ca.

Here are ten tips to host a stress-free potluck:

1.    Email your invitations.
2.    Have people make their donation to your potluck online at www.nspotluck.ca
3.    Use disposable dishes and cutlery
4.    Have one or two people bring beverages as their contribution
5.    Assign a category to your guests for their potluck dish (e.g. desert, appetizer, bread, etc)
6.    Set a specific start and end time
7.    If someone is bringing a hot dish, ask that they bring it to your home, HOT! (Have the oven on low to keep warm)
8.    Put a warming pad underneath your table cloth so hot and cold dishes  can go right on the table
9.    Ask one of your friends to help clean up as their contribution to the potluck
10.    Don’t forget to post your pics on social media on October 22!

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