Lifelong Learning

Have you heard someone say, “You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks?”


Learning at any stage of life, no matter what the subject matter, is important.

It doesn’t matter if you learn a whole new subject or how to do something a bit differently; learning keeps you engaged, current and interesting. It is also good for the physiology of your brain. Why do you think various web sites, like Lumosity, are popping up to train your brain and keep it healthy?  It turns out that the brain is actually a muscle. If we don’t challenge it like the other muscles in our body, it gets weak.

There are many types and styles of learning. Not all learning experiences need to be formal. Going to the library and choosing books to research a new topic is learning. So is researching on-line to read articles about a certain topic or attending a conference.  You may prefer to travel and explore different cultures or listen to new music – it’s all learning.

Learning solo or learning from others both offer valuable experiences. As we age it may take longer for us to learn new things, which is normal. However, in a world that is moving at the speed of light all of the time, we must challenge ourselves every day to learn something new.

Make a list of things you want to learn this year. How do you like to learn? If classes and other resources are not available in your community, who can you reach out to? What subject matter experts have material on-line about the subject?

Whatever your profession, an industry association is usually available to provide educational and or professional development guidance and opportunities.  REALTORS® have NSAR to look to for training and resources , many of which are on-line.

So the next time someone says they haven’t learned anything in a while, be ready to show off your learning prowess and show them that young and old alike, can certainly learn new tricks!

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