Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Where to start? A question many of us are asking right about now as we think about the holiday season and getting our homes ready for entertaining friends and family. We have put together a list of things to help answer this question and make things a bit easier for you in the next month:

A good cleaning:  Before you haul out the decorations, give your home a really good cleaning from top to bottom. Make sure you clean under furniture and tables.  You will then have a fresh canvas on which to build.

Theme:  Now pick your Christmas or Holiday theme. Whether it is by colour of the ornaments or the style of the decorations, keep the theme consistent throughout your home to create a nice harmony.

Pack it way:  Next go through your home and select all of the ornaments, pillows and pieces of furniture that can be  packed away during the holidays to make room for your Christmas tree and holiday decorations. Keeping both will only add to the chaotic feeling of the holidays.

Keep it simple:  To simplify Christmas decorating, select a few big pieces to decorate your home in a few key areas. This may include a Christmas tree, a wreath, decorated staircase and a few other smaller pieces. Try not to overdo it – simplicity is in this season. Don’t forget that branches and greenery from a downed tree in a vase make a wonderful addition to your home decorating.

The last tip is to decorate early. By doing so, you can save the month of December for socializing and enjoying actual time with family and friends without trying to do everything at once. We often take on too much at one time and by spreading it out, we can ensure that we have enough energy for what really matters.

Happy holidays everyone!

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