Five ways to boost your home appeal before putting it on the market

Are you wondering if your home is ready to be put on the market? Likelihood is you are going to have to spruce up a few things before your home is market ready.  While some fixes may require a professional, there are some tasks that can be easily completed by you. All you need are a few tools and a little motivation to get the job done and don’t forget before or after sprucing up your home make sure to call your REALTOR® before spending large amounts of money on hiring professionals to come in and complete expensive jobs. You might not need to do that!

1.    Fresh paint
Want to give your home that fresh feel to make it market ready? It is important to make sure you are organized before you start painting your desired room. Most prep work can be completed in advance and make sure all your floors and furniture are covered to be certain you won’t get paint on anything important.  

Don’t have much time? Why not try sprucing your bathrooms up with a touch of paint? Ensuring to keep smaller bathrooms with light paint colours to help them look bigger and brighter, this rule also goes for larger bathrooms. It is easy to bring some colour in your bathrooms with decorations and towel accessories where needed.

2.    Replace knobs and pulls on cabinets and cupboards
Making your home look more appealing could be as simple as replacing knobs and pulls on your cabinets and cupboards. This is a simple and cost efficient way to spruce up kitchens and bathrooms. Once you have found the perfect knobs and pulls, you might need to drill new holes in the drawers and paint over existing ones. For some quick tips on making sure your cabinets and cupboards look flawless YouTube videos are great for at home projects.

3.    Clean the grout
This one should be at the top of your to do list before selling your home. Tiles, bathrooms, and even mudrooms can get filled with ample dirt and grime especially in that narrow grout. To keep potential home buyers interested in your home make sure the grout is white and shiny. You can make it white again from all at home products. Cover deep stains with baking soda and water and then spray a vinegar and water solution on top, let it sit and then start scrubbing. You will be amazed at how nice your tiles and bathrooms become after doing this and new potential buyers will be impressed with the cleanliness.   

4.    Touch up caulking
Over time, especially in older homes, caulking can wear, crack, and discolour, which could potentially lead to water damage. It is important to keep an eye on caulking and the best part is, with a few tools and materials, you can have it fixed up yourself in no time. Tools and materials needed: Utility/razor blade, caulk gun, vacuum, tile silicone caulk, caulk softener, and rubbing alcohol.
Step 1: Remove old warn Caulk
Step 2: Clean tile and surface
Step 3: Apply new caulk or silicone
Step 4: Clean excess caulk and smooth lines

5.    Declutter
Nobody likes walking into a home that is full of clutter and I’m sure you have some things you won’t want to take to your new home. Get the family together and tackle one room at a time. It is a great way to clean up your home as well as create a donation pile and donate your unused items to your local charity.

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